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Google Closes Down Play Movies & TV App For Daydream VR

Google has removed Daydream VR’s editions of the Movies & TV app on Google Play. You can still see your purchases or rentals via the YouTube VR application, a spokesperson of Google claimed to the media, while there are not any present plans to suspend other Google applications from the Daydream service.

It will mean there is one less, prominent choice to see TV and movies on Daydream, although there is still support for the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Plex and, certainly, YouTube. The move to YouTube VR from Play Movies & TV may lead to some annoyance, as you cannot buy or rent directly via the former app, and there is no devoted segment there for your buyouts.

The closedown mirrors a couple of trends in Google’s plan. For one thing, it appears to be winding down entertainment choices below the Google Play name. Google Play Music is getting away, with users being shifted to YouTube Music. Google is also moving its aim away from VR to AR, having shut down its studio for Spotlight Stories VR and declared the conclusion of the Jump VR service in late months.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it has made some primary changes to its Play Store rules that tighten laws surrounding hate speech, sexual content, and loot boxes. The media has spotted the alterations, claiming that they were devoted to making the service’s ecosystem more appropriate for kids. Below the rules’ Monetization and Ads segment, Google now claims that games providing randomized virtual products for buyouts “must evidently reveal the chances of getting those items before purchase.” In different words, you will now know how difficult it is to get specific products from gacha or loot boxes, so you can better control your hopes, as per media reports.

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