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Hackers Are Now Aiming At Online Gamers For Fast Profit

In an appealing turn of affairs, attackers are now aiming at the gaming sector. As per the newest report, attackers have conducted 12 Billion credential stuffing hacks in opposition to gaming sites from November 2017 to March 2019. In evaluation to other sectors, the report stated that almost 55 Billion credential stuffing assaults were identified.

The report also discloses that SQLi (SQL Injection) hacks now show almost 2/3rd (65.1%) of all web application hacks, with LFI (Local File Inclusion) hacks adding up for 24.7%. The data of the report displays that SQLi hacks have carried on to increase at an alarming speed as an attack form, with a rise in activity at the time of 2018 holiday shopping season. It has seen a sustained increase trend since that time. In the Q1 of 2017, SQLi hacks added up for 44% of all application layer hacks.

“One factor that we think the gaming sector is an attractive aim for bad actors is because they can easily exchange in-game products for money. In addition to this, gamers are a niche demographic recognized for investing money, so their fiscal status is also a tempting prey,” claimed Security Researcher, Martin McKeay, to the media in an interview.

In one instance of these assaults, criminals aim for popular games seeking for unique skins and valid accounts, which are employed to modify the appearance of a product in a video game. Once an account of a player is successfully compromised, it can then be sold or traded.

On a related note, Radiohead earlier claimed that it has turned the tables on a bad actor after he violated Thom Yorke’s device to get hold of demonstrations the band recorded from 1995 to 1998. “We got hacked earlier,” claims Jonny Greenwood of the band on Dead Air Space—the oblique official blog of Radiohead.

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