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Huawei Is Apparently Displaying Ads On Some Of Its Handsets

A number of owners of Huawei handset have observed that their handsets have abruptly started showing ads in their lock screens, as per media reports.

Users started complaining this week that ads from are appearing on their handsets. The media claims that a series of handsets appear to be showing them and that Huawei seems to have slipped them into the Magazine Unlock feature of the phone. That feature lets consumers have a rotating set of pictures on their lock screen, which alter every time they open their handset.

The media reached out to and Huawei for answers.

In a response to a user, German Twitter account of Huawei said sorry, stating “I’m sorry that you believe we need to advertise”, and claimed that consumers can turn off the ad by going into settings after swiping up on the screen to delete the separate picture, something that Reddit consumers found worked, even though it is a manual procedure. The media claims that altering your lock screen image to something that is not one of the handset’s default settings will also remove the ad.

Whatever the reason might be, it is not good news, particularly at a time when the firm is below so much public investigation.

On a related note, Huawei is taking measures to sidestep the Trump management’s in effect prohibition by trademarking its own OS. The operating system, which has supposedly been in the progress for years, was dubbed as in trademark registrations under the moniker “Hongmeng” filed in Peru for use within 9 nations and Europe (even though on the continent it has been filed below the name “Ark OS”). The firm has earlier recommended that the system can launch out as early as this winter, but it only appears likely to do so if it is enduringly refused access to Android.

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