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Scientists Study Innovative Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer

If the ACS’s (American Cancer Society) predictions prove accurate, more people would die from pancreatic cancer compared to brain, breast, ovarian, or prostate cancer in this year. One reason pancreatic cancer is so deadly is its resistance to conventional chemotherapy. But, Brian Boone—Surgical Oncologist from the WVU (West Virginia University)—is exploring if FOLFIRINOX, which is a new mixture of cancer drugs, could improve results in patients whose pancreatic cancer is at borderline resectable, which means that a tumor might be too close to a blood vessel to be eliminated safely. Professor Boone said, “The way pancreatic tumors sit, they are quite close to many important blood vessels that you truly cannot live without. That is the stage where chemotherapy comes into action. We try to squeeze the tumor from the vein and remove it from borderline resectable to resectable by surgery.”

In the latest meta-analysis of 24 studies, Boone along with a team of scientists considered 313 cases of medium resectable pancreatic cancer that doctors treated with FOLFIRINOX. They studied the patients’ entire survival rates. They also appraised how regularly tumors shrank sufficiently to be surgically eliminated. The team discovered that FOLFIRINOX extended on average patients’ lives and made surgery likely in more instances. The study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Recently, the WVU was in the news as its scientists study incurable blood disease normally identified in children. Most of the people having Fanconi anemia are identified before they turn 12 but do not live past 30 Years. Wei Du—Scientist in the WVU’s School of Pharmacy and the Cancer Institute—is studying the metabolic mechanisms that underlie this kind of anemia. These findings might lead to innovative gene treatments that aid patients to live better and longer.

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