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JPL: NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Technology To Investigate Ancient Life

According to NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), NASA’s Mars 2020 rover—which is the space agency’s new robotic mission to the Red Planet—would include technology to discover ancient life on Mars. The science target of the Mars 2020 rover is to search for hints of ancient life. It would be the first spaceship to gather samples of the Mars, caching them in tubes that can be returned to Earth on an outlook mission. The surroundings on Mars is chiefly carbon dioxide and extremely thin, around 100 times less intense than the Earth’s, with no inhalable oxygen. There is no water on the exterior and the landscape is solidifying, with no defense from the Sun’s radiation or from fleeting dust storms.

The clues to survival would be research, technology, and testing, stated JPL, adding that the Mars 2020 would assist on all those fronts. When it is released in July 2020, the spaceship would carry the latest engineering and scientific tools. Prior to touchdown on Mars, sensors in the spaceship’s aeroshell—which is the capsule that surrounds the rover—would explore how it heats up and works during atmospheric entry. The rover has a supervision system that would take measures toward safer landings. Titled as TRN (Terrain Relative Navigation) this new system show where the spaceship is directed by clicking images during descent and matching milestones in them to a preloaded map.

Recently, NASA was in the news as the spaced agency stated that it would require $20–$30 Billion for the moon landing. NASA has touted its bold intend to revisit American astronauts to the moon by the end of 2024 for months. Jim Bridenstine—NASA’s Administrator—said to CNN Business that the space agency would need an anticipated $20 Billion to $30 Billion in the coming 5 Years for its moon project. That will mean adding on average extra $4 Billion to $6 Billion every year to the agency’s financial budget, which is already projected to be around $20 Billion annually.

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