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US Preparing Huge Weapons Sale To Taiwan In A Confront To China

Reportedly, the U.S. is chasing the sale of over $2 Billion worth of weapons and tanks to Taiwan, four sources well-known with the negotiations stated, in a move possibly to anger China as a trade dispute amid the world’s two largest economies increases. An informal announcement of the planned sale has been given to the U.S. Congress, the sources stated. The possible sale comprised 108 General Dynamics M1A2 Abrams tanks of valuation nearly $2 Billion plus anti-aircraft and anti-tank munitions. Taiwan has been concerned in refreshing its present US-made battle tank stock, which comprises M60 Patton tanks. The U.S. is the major arms provider to Taiwan, which China thinks it’s own and has never abdicated the employ of force to get the self-controlled island under its power.

In March, Tsai Ing-wen—Taiwan’s President—said the U.S. was responding optimistically to Taipei’s demands for new arms sales to boost its defenses despite stress from China. The U.S. has no formal associations with Taiwan but is bound by regulation to help in providing it with the means to guard itself. China and the U.S. are involved in a fierce trade spat, with fights over the South China Sea and Taiwan exacerbating tensions.

Speaking of the U.S.-China trade war, recently, President Trump stated that tariffs on China can be elevated by another $300 Billion if required. Without giving more details on what goods can be targeted, Trump told reporters, “A lot of interesting things are happening, during our discussions with China. We will see what happens further. I can go up another no less than $300 Billion and I will do that at the correct time. But I feel that China needs to make a contract and Mexico also needs to make a deal but more shoddily.”

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