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Flying Drones While Under The Influence Of Alcohol Banned In Japan

In Japan, it will not be legal to fly drones while one is under the influence of alcohol. According to American and Japanese officials, this is already disallowed on U.S. military facilities.

The latest ban is supposed to come into effect by the end of September this year. Officials from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism said that this move is a part of a last week’s revision to Japan’s Civil Aeronautics Law. In a news release, the ministry stated that it is essential to stiffen the operational rules on unmanned aircraft. This will prevent accidents and rapidly respond when accidents occur. Japanese officials said that the novel rules, which are applicable to drones with weight more than 7 Ounces, do not impact American people operating drones on military bases. However, Kaori Matsukasa, Spokeswoman, Yokota’s 374th Airlift Wing, proclaimed that the Federal Aviation Administration regulations that forbid drinking and droning apply to flights over the bases.

On a similar note, the Russian Transport Ministry disclosed that from next month flights of Georgian airlines to Russia are supposed to be suspended. The ministry highlighted the growing unrest in the Caucasus country as the reason for its latest move. As per the statement by the ministry, the aviation authorities from Georgia were notified regarding the flights’ deferment by Russian aviation authorities.

The ministry statement added that the cause for the flights’ suspension is the need to make sure an adequate level of aviation security as well as Georgia’s unpaid debts intended for air navigation activities. The flights’ suspension is supposed to continue until the provision of aviation safety programs by MyWay Airlines and Georgian Airways to the Russian side. It will also need the audit as well as approval of these programs by the Russian side, and the complete payment of Georgia’s air navigation service debt.

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