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Lyft Needs To Be Your Partner For Ride To And From Concerts

Lyft is coming this summer to the music festival circuit. The ridesharing firm this week declared an association with entertainment behemoth AEG to be the elite bike, rideshare, and scooter assonate a plethora of primary music events. Lyft will be on hand at 16 places and accessible in 8 major regions where music festivals are being conducted.

Lyft will provide bike and scooter rideshare options to assist festival people to get to enjoy their show on time. There will also be devoted “Lyft Zones” where people can be picked up and dropped off after and before a show. As per AEG and Lyft, the services will be accessible at a number of venues.

This is not the first time Lyft has gotten involved in transporting users to primary events. In the 2018 year, the firm joined hands with SeatGeek to drop users off at the entrance of the venue nearest to their ticket. The agreement with AEG reflects the same deal Uber had in 2015 with Live Nation.

On a related note, earlier Lyft claimed that it is renaming its bike share system in the Bay Area. It is now no longer dubbed as Ford GoBike, but Bay Wheels. As a fraction of the changeover, the firm is launching new e-bikes with pedal help for hills and the choice to lock the bikes or dock them outside of a station.

Ford launched its bike-sharing series in 2016 to the Bay Area, when it declared plans to convey 7,000 GoBikes to San Jose, Berkeley, and San Francisco. At the time, the bike share project was operated by Motivate, which was later brought by Lyft. Just earlier, Lyft filed a court case in opposition to San Francisco, stating its efforts to extend the dockless bike-sharing program of the city breaches GoBike’s original deal. We will have to hang around to see how that plays out and if new e-bikes in Bay Wheels can stop some of the brake problems earlier models faced.

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