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NASA Reopens Mission Control Of Apollo For Moon Landing Anniversary

The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing is quickly on the verge, and NASA has made a decision to mark it in a fitting manner: by reinstating the center of Apollo’s functions to its earlier glory. The organization at the Johnson Space Center has restarted Apollo mission control after a restoration that makes it seem like it did in 1969. There is familiar furniture, functioning electronics, and other attentions to detail. The media claimed that there are even period-specific cigarettes and soft drink cans.

The restoration group went out of the box to source genuine material, whether it was material sourced from eBay or wallpaper from the Johnson Space Center.

Luckily, you are not restricted to gazing from afar. Public tours of mission control for Apollo will begin this week, a few days prior the milestone of Moon landing. There is specifically a promotional angle here. This is a token that NASA has been tasked with bringing back humans by 2024 to the Moon, and that 50 Years have elapsed since people set foot on the Moon. Yet, this is bound to be precious for anybody interested in a vivid prompt of space history. It may be as near as you get without yourself visiting the Moon.

On a related note, NASA earlier declared its next big mission to study our Solar System. The organization has accepted a mission dubbed as Dragonfly that will transfer a vehicle to the surface of Saturn’s biggest moon, Titan. Dragonfly, the newest of New Frontiers projects by NASA, was chosen due to Titan’s exclusive makeup, which makes its one of the more potential candidates for exploring symptoms of microbial life.

Dragonfly is planned to blast off in 2026, a slight postponement in the initially scheduled blast off window of 2025.

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