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Patients With ALS Might Benefit From Additional Glucose

As per a study, increased glucose is transformed in energy and can give people improved mobility and a longer life with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The study was conducted by a research team from the UA (University of Arizona). For long, physicians have known that individuals having ALS encounter changes in their metabolism that mostly lead to quick weight loss in a process known as hypermetabolism. As per to Ernesto Manzo—UA Alumnus and Postdoctoral Researcher—the hypermetabolism could be a relentless cycle. People having ALS utilize more energy during resting compared to those without the disease, while concurrently they repeatedly struggle to efficiently make use of glucose, which is the precise ingredient body requires to make more energy. The researchers exactly do not know what happens in a patient’s cells to lead to this dysfunction or how to ease it. The study was published in the journal eLife.

Manzo said, “This research was aimed to parse out those details, but the results are truly shocking.” The study disclosed that when ALS-affected neurons are provided with more glucose, they use that power source to energy. With that energy, they are capable of surviving longer and function better. The surging glucose delivery to the cells might be one method to meet the unusually high energy demands of people having ALS. Manzo added that these neurons were finding some reprieve by breaking down glucose and receiving more cellular energy.

On a similar note, recently, researchers called for a personalized approach for aging brain health. Reportedly, people are living for a longer span than ever before, but the health of the brain is not keeping up. To deal with this critical problem, a group of researchers has planned an innovative model for studying age-linked cognitive decline, one that is customized to the individual. The research was published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.

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