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Apple Will Fix 2018 MacBook Airs For Free With Defective Logic Board

A “very small amount” of 2018 MacBook Air PCs by Apple suffer from trouble with their logic boards, and the firm will restore the elements for free, as per documents seen by the media.

The website discloses that specific 13-inch 2018 MacBook Air models with Retina display have a problem with their logic boards. The paper allegedly claims that the problem is associated with power. In addition to this, the media found that some consumers have complained about their PCs not turning on.

The firm will supposedly be emailing clients of impacted devices, asking them to take the devices to their closest authorized dealer or Apple Store to be inspected. If Apple’s employee finds that there is a problem, it will restore the logic board for four years for free after the PC was initially brought.

On a related note, the HomePod device by Apple is available at Target for a price tag of just $199.99. This Siri-fitted smart device normally has a price tag of $299, and this sale marks the lowest cost that we have witnessed yet. You can get the white-colored device currently, although the charcoal color variant is out of stock temporarily. If you need the darker shade of the device, you can sign up to be alerted when it is available.

The HomePod will attain a few new capabilities as soon as iOS 13 rolls out later this year. With the upgrade, it will be capable of identifying who is talking to it, regulating its answers accordingly to offer a personalized experience for various people in the house. Apple will also bring a handoff function to HomePod that allow it flawlessly take over playing songs when you bring your handset close to it, like when you enter in the house and need to transfer music from your headphones.

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