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Gillette Has Its Venus Products Called Over Blade Misalignment Issues

Women from across the world are very well aware of the brand Venus that is known for its disposable razor packs. However, the company is currently under the limelight due to its faculty razors that have entered the market. The company has been advised to pull back a dozen of its product from the market as soon as possible. The manufacturing issue is the reason for the product being pulled back from the market. The Gillette Company has announced that during the manufacturing the razor’s blades were skewed and it is reason for the lacerations that occurred during the normal use.

Venus Simply3 throwaway razors were the yields that were called back. The razors appear in yellow, pink, and purple colors and are packaged in two ways including a “Daisy 12+1 Venus Simply3 Bonus Package” that had one free Venus Simply3 razor and a “Venus Simply3 Disposable Razor (pack of 4)”. As per the calculations, the lot included more than 87,000 packages and the products sold across the entire states in the US have been recalled. The recalled products were up for sale from January 2019 to May 2019 ranging from $6 to $10. Gillette has already started receiving complaints from the customers regarding the occurrence of cuts after using the razor.

The company has already made it clear to all its users to replace or opt for a refund as soon as possible. The razor industry is currently facing massive dip after the men have decided to grow their beard from 2018. It has been found that mens’ shaving has fallen from 3.7 to 3.2 in the last few decades. The women have kept the company away from dipping. However, the men facial-hair products that had sales high have shown a 5.1% fall in June 2018 and it still continues to fall. Can the razor industry adapt or will it choke due to the bearded generation is something that only the future can tell?

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