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Facebook, Twitter Exploiting User Data, Says Wikipedia Co-Founder

Larry Sanger, who co-founded Wikipedia in the year 2001, is not happy with the evolution of the internet over the last two decades. In fact, he termed the performance of internet as ‘appalling’, when he spoke to CNBC recently, where he vented his anguish over the evolution of two principal social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook. In fact, these two platforms were to his opinion, the main culprits, having exploited the personal data of the users to make money, violating the privacy and security terms and conditions in a massive way.

Sanger, who is at present, also the CIO of Everipedia, which is a blockchain encyclopedia network, is not the only person to launch a scathing attack on the monopoly of these ‘super biggies” in the tech industry.

The Wikipedia co-founder found a companion in Tim Berners-Lee, who founded World Wide Web or (WWW) of late. Tim came up with a Web Contract, demanding that companies must protect the personal information of their customers, and their privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, in the face of these sharp criticisms, has taken some extra precautions to provide foolproof security and privacy to the customers. He responded by taking some new, state of the art security measures like encrypted massaging technology.  Still, as per the Sanger, the move was just a cosmetic measure and hence, blasted Zuckerberg for misusing the power of his company online.

According to Sanger, the best move that can protect the interest of the users is the use of decentralized social networking platforms, which would let the users publish information of their choice online, without having to get the help of a centralized body, which acts like a corporation.

The practice, as per Langer, is similar to bitcoins, wherein the crypto-currency acts as a decentralized, independent asset beyond the control and influence of central authorities like banks.

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