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Scientists Programming Bacteria To Fight Cancer—Latest Study

Scientists have eventually sorted out the actual reason why cancer was tough to be fought with. To some extent, they are successful in eradicating cancer affected cells and that too with programmed bacteria.

For a great long time, scientists were unable to trace out why the immune of or body are not doing any harm or not digesting to the tumor affected cells. Research from Columbia University on mice has shown a distinct result where it is clearly visible that cells of the tumor and cancer send a message to the immune that – Do Not Eat Me. It is for this message that immune function does not digest the cells and they are able to spread faster than they usually do.

In that research itself, held by the students of Columbia University, it has been seen that a programmed bacteria can ignore the message of – Do Not Eat Me and hence they are able to smash down and digest the tumor cells. The test that has been declared in the Nature Medicine paper has claimed success in the entire thing and has also stated as a statement that – programmed bacteria can kill the tumor cells and that we have proved it.

Now is the time to make this thing happens in the case of cancers and if that is successful there too, then the application of the same will be done on other creatures and if this remains successful too, the new horizon will be opened up for treatment of cancer, where there would be no side effect at all, as the programmed bacteria since infected are easily becoming the victim of the immune hormones. Hence, once cancer affected cells are digested then the problems are resolved naturally and that too without any other hazard.

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