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SpaceX Presents Some Mind-Blowing Footage From Its First Ever Nostril Cone Restoration

After trying for a year or so, SpaceX finally managed to recover a piece of the rocket cone, also referred to as the fairing, after a rocket launch, footage of which is nothing short of mesmerizing even for those who have nothing to do with space or science. The fairing despatched itself and somehow maneuvered itself into a massive net held up by the crew boat. SpaceX had installed a camera atop the fairing which recorded its entire discourse.

The company posted the footage recorded from the camera on its Twitter account. After the fairing attains speed 9 times greater than the speed of sound, it again begins to fall towards the Earth. While doing so, it leaves behind a trail of neon blue light which makes the video footage all the more attractive. In the tweet that had the video posted with it, the caption explained the same stating that the friction heats up the particles in the atmosphere, which is why the blue light appears in the video. Another video was shot from a camera on board with the net crew, showed how the fairing gently landed on its goal. SpaceX has been desperately trying to devise methods to make the components of its rockets reusable. This will bring down the launching costs significantly and help make more advances in space research in a shorter span of time. Elon Musk went on to mention that the rocket fairings will cost USD 6 million with his company trying its best to reuse it.

Talking of successful attempts from SpaceX, the company had successfully sent chips carrying human cells into space that would understand the effect of space on different human organs. The chips sent to outer space have given rise to a hope of making some groundbreaking revelations in space science.

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