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Treatment Aimed At A Genetic Mutation Alleviates Psychosis Symptoms

Cure for psychosis can be aimed at a particular genetic mutation in people with psychotic diseases, as per a research posted by Elsevier in Biological Psychiatry. The study offers a proof-of-principle revelation that cures can be customized to a particular genotype, instead of diagnosis, to alleviate symptoms. The results also connect a separate structural mutation to the underlying treatment response and biology of psychosis.

Genetic mutations that have huge impacts on psychiatric disease risk are exceptional, with some recognized to take place in only one or a few families, such as the mutation defined in the research spearheaded by Deborah L. Levy, a psychiatric associate of Harvard Medical School. The mutation was a CNV (copy number variant) in which the two individuals in the research had 4, rather than the normal two, copies of the GLDC gene. The authors conjectured that this mutation may lower brain glycine, a major factor for appropriate functioning of glutamatergic, which is disturbed in schizophrenia.

“The compelling factor is that this CNV can be associated to pathophysiology, and, as the new research displays, to cure,” claimed Dr. Levy.

The scientists evaluated whether this CNV can assist guide decisions for treatment by aiming at the mutation to regularize its effects, a “genotype first” method. “This method contrasts with the normal clinical method of curing people based on diagnosis or clinical symptoms independent of particular genetic versions,” claimed Dr. Levy.

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