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Last Lunar Eclipse Of 2019 To Be On July 16, Close Encounter With Saturn

The next full moon will occur on July 16, by about 2138 GMT. Around seven minutes prior to this, the year’s final lunar eclipse will happen. Saturn may also be seen close near the moon. Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth’s shadow covers the moon, which is at the Sun’s opposite side. This does not always take place during a full moon. Therefore, a blood moon sighting is commonly rare. The next eclipse too, will not be a blood moon.

US observers won’t see this eclipse till 8:29 PM local time. Those in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean can watch the eclipse though.

Earth’s shadow will cover around 65% of the moon’s diameter.  Maximal eclipse can be seen in Western India, Africa, Middle East, SE Europe, and South America.

South American observers can watch the moonrise when it enters umbra. Peruvian observers will experience the eclipse when moon is below horizon levels. Peruvians will watch only about 25% of the moon’s diameter being covered.

In Vienna, the penumbral phase will coincide with moonrise, whereas in SA, the complete eclipse is likely to be observed. SA and Vienna will share the same viewing times. While those in North America won’t view an eclipse, they will observe the moon and Saturn share a celestial longitude. Several planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus are likely to be visible at different times of the day and night.

The full moon in July has many names, including Thunder Moon, as per native Indians in the USA. The ONLC states the Ojibwe to call it Raspberry Moon.

New Zealand-based Maoris consider this month to be the 3rd month of their calendar year. In Chinese calendars, this falls into the 6th month, named Lotus month. Incas and Mayans see lunar eclipses as manifestations of the moon being eaten by a jaguar. Islamic traditions associate it with Allah’s will being carried out.

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