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Google Bars One More Chinese App Developer For Bad Ad Practices

Google is barring a Chinese creator from the Play store for breaching its advertising rules. CooTek, which is registered on the NYSE and is possibly best recognized for its TouchPal keyboard substitute in the West, no longer has authorization to ad platforms by Google and has had a number of apps eliminated altogether.

The news came after a probe from Lookout that displayed number of CooTek apps employing BeiTaAd, an invasive adware plugin. This plugin supposedly sent aggressive ads to consumers even when the handset or the app was not in employment, which Kristina Balaam (Lookout researcher) claimed can “render the handsets almost unusable.”

CooTek claimed it might eliminate BeiTaAd, but Lookout and media later found that many of the upgraded apps—which Google approved into the Play Store—had different code that permitted the same ads.

“There was not any rework on the ad activity highlighted by Lookout on any of the editions which we upgraded,” Mina Luo, spokesperson at CooTek, claimed to the media. “The results given by Lookout this time fell short of evidence and the judgment is not convincing.”

Google, on the other hand, was influenced. “Our developer rules for Google Play strictly ban deceptive and malicious behavior, as well as disorderly ads,” a spokesperson at Google claimed to the media.

On a related note, Google earlier claimed that it is barring DO Global, a major Android developer, and eliminating its apps from the Google Play Store after it was found that the firm was conducting ad fraud.

Almost 50% of the developer’s over 100 apps have been removed already from Google’s Play Store and it is anticipated that the rest will vanish soon, as per media reports. Apps posted by DO Global, which is partly controlled by massive Chinese tech company Baidu, have racked up over 600 Million installations in the Play Store.

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