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Navy Enhances Helicopter-Fitted Laser Weapons To Counter Mines

The Navy is seeking to enhance its now equipped airborne laser system developed to extend the surface area from which mine detection happens and trace down enemy mines from low-flying helicopters. This will no longer depend purely upon more mechanized, narrowly configured, or towed mine detection systems.

Dubbed as ALMDS (Airborne Laser Mine Detection System), the system allows shallow-water warships such as the Navy’s LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) have a much secure sphere of processes since commanders will have much greater enhanced alerting of mine-crowded regions.

Navy developers and Northrop are seeking to further improved ALMDS via current modernization bids, such as present work to add AI.

“We are seeking to automate the complete kill chain for Mine Counter Measures (MCM). Now the ALMDS operates on an MH-60. Maybe we can get that into a smaller version and place it on the Fire Scout,” claimed Director LCS’ Business Development at Northrop Grumman, Kevin Knowles, to the media in a statement.

The ALMDS is attached electrically with the help of an auxiliary and primary umbilical cable to the main console. It is connected mechanically to the MH-60S using a standard Bomb Rack Unit 14 mount. This is as per a statement from the system’s manufacturer.

On a related note, when the USS Boxer fired down a drone from Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, it actually showed an initiation by fire for new tech. The media was aware that the action was the first employment of Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS) by US Navy. MADIS is an anti-drone system developed for the sea. The tech employs jammers to obstruct communications of a drone and force it to collide. Some variants of MADIS can also attacks the drones, even though it is unclear that was the situation here. The Defense Department has not officially claimed what it used to attack the drone.

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