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Atlanta Stops Permits Rentals Of Smartphone Based E-Scooters After 2 Deaths

On Thursday, mayor of Atlanta put a hold on the issuance of the permit for electrical scooters which are smartphone-based, after two deaths. Activists in Atlanta had protested on the streets after a man who was riding e-scooter got killed as a transit bus ran over him.

At one of the public speaking events, Keisha Lance Bottoms stated that around the US, municipalities have to deal with unforeseen impacts which are caused due to e-scooters in the society. She further continued that though several states have put a ban on these devices altogether, the city of Atlanta wants to work in collaboration with private sector so that a midway can be designed in accordance to such devices.

Furthermore, Bottoms is also planning to introduce legislation during council meeting in relation to the impact of electric scooters on the society. Like several cities in US, Atlanta is planning to sort out a way which would provide it an opportunity to deal with startup companies which are providing e-scooters on rent through smartphone.

Scooter startups were incepted back in 2017, in West Coast, later companies spread all around the country as well as around the globe, and during the month of May 2018 startups came to Atlanta. Most of the customers vouched for the service, alone in 2018 electric scooters made more than 35 million trips. Though there is not enough data related to scooter injuries, doctors stated that there have been many cases where people have got into accident right after they started to drive e-scooter on a busy traffic road.

There are many cities in America which has taken stringent actions against e-scooters. Authorities of San Francisco have put a regulation on the number of scooters which they will allow inside the city. Moreover, there are several other cities which require permit before e-scooters are launched by them.

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