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All’s Not Well At LA Times, Digital Subscription Down

The reporters at the LAT (Los Angeles Times) were left dazed on Monday when they received an urgent message from the paper’s EE (Executive Editor), Norm Pearlstine. In the message, he stated that they had expected to increase digital subscriptions by two folds in 2019, which was up to 300K. He revealed about the 1st half of 2019 to be disappointing. He said that while; they summed 52K digital subscriptions, noteworthy cancellations at the same time left them with a total net rise of meager 13K. This has led to the paper having only around 170K digital subscribers, which is a little segment of the NYT (New York Times), Washington Post and WSJ (Wall Street Journal).

Mostly this is accepted by everyone that the survival’s smartest paths are the digital subscriptions; however, the road is booby-trapped, poorly lit and plagued by cadavers. Staffs are confused how to attract readers to become subscribers. And that became one of the causes of why the notice had festered reporters.

Tom Jones of Poynter, who is covering the story, stated that Pearlstine’s message was a jolt from the blue and left the staffs furious. Therefore, a meeting was summoned on Thursday by Pearlstine where he accepted his fault of sending the message without having a meeting beforehand. But he retold that that increasing the subscribers had to be prioritized. In the meeting, reporters vented out their anger on failure of the side of the business. In turn, Pearlstine presented certain important business side’s new hires. He explained that he liked the news studio to gather info about strategic plans and how that could be achieved. Both sides accepted that the previous paper’s leadership didn’t communicate better.

The LAT is in the middle of a wearing news studio negotiation of union contract. This week’s headache is the limbo of the contract. Everybody agreed that the fundamental challenge is the ‘churn’. And once they’ve enticed subscribers they need to plan how to keep them hooked.

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