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Vaping Lends 14 Young Adults To The Hospital, Say Health Officials

Vaping has led to hospitalization of 14 young adults and teens for respiratory complexities, in Illinois and Wisconsin, as announced by health officials of these states on Friday. As per the state’s DHS (Department of Health Services), in Wisconsin, 11 individuals were sent for treatment due to serious lung ailment. Already eleven cases have been registered alone during late July.

On Friday, the DPH (Department of Public Health) announced that 3 young individuals have been admitted to hospital in Illinois due to serious difficulty in breathing. The dept. specified that the types and names and place of obtaining of vaping stuffs are under investigation.

An epidemiologist of respiratory disease, Thomas Haupt, stated that these cases were observed in youngsters who otherwise were healthy and without any respiratory complication and suddenly they came with serious respiratory problems, for which they had to be positioned on ventilators.

CNN was told by Haupt that earlier the problem was suspected to be due to an infection but all the tests were shown to be negative. And now they’re suspecting vaping but doctors are unaware of the vaping’s constituency and from where it was procured.

Dept. administrator of health department of Wisconsin, Chuck Warzecha, confirmed that all patients were admitted to the hospital due to chest pain, difficulty in breathing and fatigue. Some even required breathing assistance. Although they’re showing an improvement, but any long- term consequences faced by these patients are unclear.

Even prior to this recent hospitalization, vaping safeties were always suspected and raised questions. The ALA (American Lung Association) said that the negative effects on lungs of e- cigarettes are gradually evolving and it is troubling enough.  The organization has cited experiments that showed that chief constituents of vaping might contain harmful chemicals or damage cells, leading to lung and cardiovascular diseases.

It has also been reported that along with nicotine, many e-cigarette contain several possibly toxic materials. However, no true links between all the cases have been established and the cases are still under investigation.

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