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Bringing Cancer Treatment To Poor Children In The World

Among the biggest achievements made in oncology are treatment advancements and higher cure rate statistics for children suffering from cancer. Over 80% have been cured, compared to 10% just 60 years ago. Yet, developing countries don’t have enough access to this. They suffer from late diagnosis, cancer specialists’ shortage, and restricted affordable treatment access.

There is a vast gap for access to cancer care when poor and wealthy nations are compared. Pediatric cancer cures are considered highly costly and complicated. Policymakers consider it unimportant while setting out health priorities. However, a Rwandan hospital is changing all that. The BCCE is quite unique. It features top-notch medical facilities and provides the poor with ample access to quality cancer care. Cancer treatment is available at affordable rates as well. Cancer treatment is considered expensive, stated Christian Rusangwa. However, that’s because data is sourced from top tier countries.

Complete cancer treatment and all related activities take around $1140-$1490.

Labor costs are low. There are also many tie-ups with foreign institutions that mentor local doctors and provide aid. Nickhill Bhakta stated that childhood cancer treatment could be cost-effective. For instance, Burkitt’s lymphoma treatment costs are quite low in Uganda. While the cancer is extremely fatal but if the right treatment is provided, over 90% of children survive.

When taken on a global scale, childhood cancers happen to be rare. However, they are still a big problem. More than 50% of children who suffer from cancer don’t receive a diagnosis, preventing them from obtaining treatment. Many people report a lack of pediatric oncologists as the problem in Africa. However, this problem is eliminated by partnership models with other countries, which bridge this gap efficiently.

Knaul of HGEI brought this attention to a global focus. She published several arguments, stating how cancer could be treated easily in developing and poor countries. Previously, HIV/AIDS was considered impossible to treat in African countries as well. However, infection rates have fallen, with poor countries only accounting for 5% of HIV/AIDS spending. Several initiatives are now launching worldwide that allows children from poor countries to access world-class treatment at affordable prices.

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