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Healthcare Embraces Cloud In A Big Way, Opens Doors To Innovation

Security and IT professional used to keep away from the idea of maintaining critical data or health data in cloud services. While it was agile, cost-efficient and convenient, it was considered too risky. Anahi Santiago of CCHS stated that 10 years back, cloud tech was still beginning. Due to lack of transparency, visibility and standards, along with compliance issues, privacy and security concerns, these services were shunned.

However, there was another issue. While hosting PHI services via the cloud, these providers refused to sign BAAs. As per HIPAA requirements, entities have to enter BAAs with 3rd parties, providing various services. As core regulatory requirements insisted, moving PHI services to cloud was the only option. Without a BAA, it wasn’t possible.

Security features of the cloud lacked sophistication and maturity. Many controls and investments associated with data and information systems security today weren’t yet available or replicable. Security firms had no idea about integrating cloud controls with various tools. However, all concerns have now been removed. Many information security leaders, CIOs and CISOs are comfortable with cloud services. They prefer it for data hosting. A few consider that cloud will eventually replace all data hosting requirements. However, there still are various concerns. But these days, cloud services are considered to be more reliable than on-site servers. Such is the widespread acceptance. Big cloud companies have all boosted their infrastructure and overcome regulatory barriers for proving they can handle PHI data.

Healthcare leaders across the world are moving in this direction now. Given the right controls, applications and compliance frameworks, there’s nothing stopping the cloud from taking over. This move is aimed at securing systems. There has also been cohesive thinking regarding enterprise-wide security.

Good configurations, framework, and other exceptions have to be documented to work together for proper functioning of the cloud. Santiago stated that leveraging cloud services could bring in untold benefits.

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