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Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine Bids Farewell After Three Decades

“Everything that has a beginning, has an end”. Unfortunately, the aforementioned quotation is found to be true for Microsoft’s developer-oriented magazine MSDN has reached its long-run after 30 years. Nevertheless, all the previous editions of the MSDN magazine shall be uploaded in Microsoft website, and the world-famous magazine will be publishing its last issue in November 2019. Microsoft officials have stated the reason behind the decision of shutting down the magazine is because most of the technology-oriented information and contents have been transferred to online portals for ease of access, and for viewer’s convenience, so that everyone can gain access to the resources without facing the affordability problem of buying hard copy versions.

Previously, several other assets of Microsoft such as, The Visual Studio Blog and many more have had to face the same procedure. MSDN magazine has now become Microsoft’s latest addition to its web platforms and online information portal. Although the duration course of MSDN has been three decades, however, for the initial ten years, the term “MSDN” had not come up yet. Back then, there were two separate magazines: ‘Microsoft System Journal’, and ‘Microsoft Internet Developer’, both of which were merged together in the year 2000.

In its earlier days of launch, MSDN used to primarily consist of C, C++, frequently asked questions on programming languages, security briefing, web servers, and XML files. And ever since internet facilities had become economically feasible for all, most of the contents and learning materials of MSDN gradually started to get uploaded to their website, in order to gain wider viewership and accessibility, and this approach has been a huge success for Microsoft. Although the transfer of contents to the internet was ongoing for quite a long time, it has finally reached its end now. Microsoft has stated that they shall ever remain indebted for the love and support they have received via MSDN and shall give a full refund to MSDN subscribers who have extended subscription facilities beyond November 2019.

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