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Trump Calls Huawei A National Security Threat, Don’t Want To Deal With Them

President Trump stated on Sunday that he didn’t want to conduct business with Huawei anymore after several weekend reports claimed that his administration would be extending a temporary reprieve granted to the company, which permits it to purchase components from American companies.

He considers Huawei to be a potent national security menace, which is why he doesn’t wish to conduct any business with them further. However, he stated that he would be taking a final decision on Sunday, leaving the crowd guessing as to what it could be.

Reuters and the WSJ had reported claims that US Commerce Department would be extending a temporary license for an additional ninety days that would enable Huawei to conduct business with US firms and service current customers. The previous iteration of this agreement will expire this Monday.

The US Commerce Department had blacklisted Huawei due to Trump declaring an immediate national emergency due to threats posed to US technology. This blacklist prevents US firms from transferring or selling tech to the Chinese tech giant unless they possess a license to do so.

Trump and China’s President Jinping had met at the G20 summit, where they agreed to resume trade negotiations and ceased their trade war. During a press briefing after that, Trump had agreed to let US firms continue to sell products to Huawei.

Trump explained that he would be allowing sales to Huawei since many of their components were sourced from US firms, without which their operations would come to a standstill. The US sold a phenomenal quantity of products to Huawei; and Trump is willing to let that continue.

The government had faced a backlash from all quarters in Congress due to the President’s remarks about Huawei that were made after the Trump-Xi meeting. Larry Kudlow, the WH economic adviser stated that Huawei was not being granted amnesty.

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