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Ford Rolls Out Its Personal Esports Virtual Racing Teams

Ford aims to roll out its own esports virtual racing groups. Below the Fordzilla name, the firm will hire leading esports drivers for teams in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK. The firm will also invite celebrity players to create a European team with restricted members from every national team.

The Fordzilla teams will vie in games such as Forza Motorsport 7, designed by Turn 10 Studios of Microsoft Game Studios. As per Ford, a number of people play Forza games every month, and 1 Million users select vehicles by Ford. Ford has joined hands with Microsoft Game Studios earlier, and a couple of years back, the top prize was a 2017 Ford Focus RS in the first-ever Forza Racing Championship. We do not know what prizes the firm will provide to its driving teams, but hiring starts in Germany at Gamescom this week.

On a related note, earlier in April, Jim Hackett (Ford chief) claimed that the firm overrated the advent of self-driving vehicles. He claimed that the usage of Ford’s first self-driving series will expectedly be narrow, “due to the fact that the problem is so complicated.” Now, the firm has acquired Quantum Signal (a Michigan-based firm) to assist it solve those concerns and improve its goal of launching out an autonomous car business. Quantum Signal might not be a domestic name, but it played an essential role in assisting the US military design tools that can manage its robotics cars remotely.

Especially, the robotics program of the military employed the firm’s robotic vehicle simulation tool (ANVEL) to check the performance of autonomous systems. In addition to this, Quantum Signal designed algorithms that guided the autonomous cars of the military. The expertise of Quantum Signal in perception and sensing systems will be used for good reasons.

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