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HBO’s Plans For Streaming Service Under Fire From Peers

The new owners of HBO are looking forward to launch an online streaming channel like Netflix and Amazon. This has become reason for the clash between the existing management of HBO and the new owner. Recently HBO was acquired by John Stankey. He is the head of the WarnerMedia. This is a sister concern for AT&T and is mainly into entertainment.

As per internal news, HBO staff feels that Stankey is trying to showcase how much more he knows about the entertainment business than what he actually knows. One of the former executives working at HBO informed that it is really difficult to work with Stankey. AT&T proposed the plan of a new online streaming channel in 2018. Since then the HBO employees have started questioning Stankey about this new project. The executive informed that they were not clear about the plan and thus asked about the same. He also stated that their culture was quite different before AT&T acquired the company and thus this was another challenge. According to the executive, Stankey did not take the questioning part very well and yelled at the senior executives of HBO. Stankey informed the executives that his knowledge about the television business is much more than any of them; so, the questioning should stop.

Another employee of HBO accused Stankey to be screaming a lot. He also informed that Stankey does not have any idea about what made HBO such a big name in the world of entertainment.

On the other hand, WarnerMedia has already revealed its plans of the streaming channel. They declared in July that the channel will be named as HBOMax. The channel is supposed to be launched in 2020. According to the plan, it will have 10,000 hours premium shows. The company has already bought the rights of several shows for $425 million.

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