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Antibiotic Spray On Citrus Fruits Won’t Help Curb Scourge

Back in 2016, Environment Protection Agency allowed spraying of antibiotics so that farmers can protect citrus fruits from bacterial infections. Contrary to this, as per new study, scientists revealed that enormous use of antibiotics on plants would make humans completely resistant to them. Researchers stated that spraying of drug on citrus fruits might not help to protect the plants from bacterial infections. Study which was published by media clearly stated that use of oxytetracycline drug on trees doesn’t curb bacterial growth on grapefruit and on orange trees. The pathogen arrived in the state of Florida from Asia in 2005 and since then the state has suffered a loss of 70% in production of citrus fruits.

As per the paper, written by Nian Wang, scientists sprayed oxytetracycline on orange tree leaves which were infected for a time period of six months with the recommended concentration but no effective difference was found. Contrary to this, researchers injected oxytetracycline inside the tree trunks and they noticed significant amount of reduction in bacteria which is the sole cause of the disease. Though this method is found effective but it has few problems as EPA doesn’t approve it and injecting the trunk of trees would cost a lot of money to farmers. Moreover scientists also recorded high amount of antibiotic residue in the fruit which can be harmful to humans in the long run.

While speaking to the press, James Adaskaveg cautioned that people shouldn’t interpret the results as spraying citrus tree leaves with oxytetracycline is of no use. He further stated that oxytetracycline is inhibiting the bacteria at some level and researchers are trying to find out a way to deliver the drug in an efficient manner.

Taw Richardson stated that during a research conducted by his scientists it was found that oxytetracycline is effective in controlling bacterial growth. He further stated that researchers need to employ only a specific method to use oxytetracycline on citrus trees if they want effective results.

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