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Critics Find Chappelle’s Comedy On Netflix Offensive

‘Sticks & Stones (S&S)’—comedian D. Chappelle’s fresh stand-up comedy—found itself in deep waters when it was launched on Netflix previous week. S&S has faced backlashes from critics due to its presumed offensive jokes.

Several of Chappelle’s jokes were alleged as upsetting and invasive, especially those where he used different groups of individuals as punchlines, like Asians, LGBTQ community (transgender to be precise), sexual harassment victims and women.

Chappelle has drawn a bad publicity after this little stunt of his which is now perceived as irrelevantly forbidding by many. Now, it is a matter of debate that whether Chappelle’s career would be at stake and whether Netflix, which invested $60M for 5 stand-up shows from him would be deprived of its subscribers. And if critics’ reactions are to be considered, then both Netflix and Chappelle are in a fix.

Criticisms from several critics like Slate’s Inkoo Kang and Paste’s Garret Martin have accused Chappelle condemning his jokes abysmal and outdated. Kang said that Chappelle’s gags can make one grimace. Martin blamed the comedian and called his jokes terrible.

Fran Walfish, a relationship and family therapist stated that although so much is spoken about the comedian, it’s improbable that he’ll be in much trouble, not up to LGBTQ community’s ignorance at least, as majority of Americans are still ignorant regarding LGBTQ community.

Bergman, a Toledo’s stand-up humorist also believes that Chappelle’s career won’t be put in stake because of S&S. Whatsoever, that particular content was designed as a clickbait to keep the watchers engaged. It might be offending certain groups but that isn’t a matter of concern.

In spite of harsh criticisms from the critic, viewers have approved of the show by scoring it 99% on audience scoring platform Rotten Tomatoes. No doubt, viewers’ enthusiasm made it clear that Chappelle’s career might not be in danger but Netflix could in turn pay a hefty price.

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