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Migraine Likely To Enhance Risk Of Alzheimer’s, Dementia

A new research study which examined the link between Alzheimer’s and migraines along with other kinds of dementia has discovered that migraines are a major risk factor when it comes to dementia and Alzheimer’s. As per the AMA, over 36M people living in the US across all ages experience migraines on a regular basis. This accounts for over 12% of all citizens living in the country.

Dementia in its various forms and Alzheimer’s were affecting over 5M US adults back in 2014, as per official estimates. These figures are likely to only keep increasing. Although dementia happens to be a prevalent neurological issue among older adults, severe headaches rank first when it comes to persistent neurological conditions. Migraine headaches have been identified to be its most severe version.

New research now investigates whether migraines are a dementia risk factor. Identification of risk factors in dementia could ensure better treatment interventions. Detection of dementia in its early stages and commencing treatment at the earliest can enhance the efficiency of several therapies & empower people suffering from this condition & their families, helping them make proper decisions when needed.

Suzanne Tyas of Waterloo University in Canada happens to be the senior-most author behind this paper that appeared in the IJGP. Tyas and her colleagues analyzed over 679 study participants who were over the age of 65. The researchers were permitted to access complete migraine histories and data of all these participants. Associations between several factors like education, gender, depression and age, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s and other dementia types were studied in detail.

This was done by the application of multiple regression models & accounting for several intervening variables that included diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, high BP among many others.

Intervening variable refers to the hypothetical factors, which could explain the relationship between 2 other variables. E.g. high BP levels could explain the link between increased risk of dementia and migraines.

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