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Doctors Warn Concerning Ignoring Brain’s Well-being

The researchers have warned everybody about taking care of the grey cells in the brain just like one takes care of the heart. In India and the US, the number of heart-related diseases, especially strokes is increasing. The reason for the heart-linked issues is caused by the drastic change in the lifestyle. The sudden death ratio related to brain and heart diseases is quite alarming. The neurological fraternity has already started working on spreading the message regarding stroke is beatable. In the case of heart attack, one either recover’s completely or losses life whereas in case of a brain stroke one is dead, partially recovered, totally recovered, or dependent on life support. The people need to be told to take care of the brain and pick up signals so as to avoid any future mishaps.

According to Dr. Anil P Karapurkar from Congress of Society of Neuro-Vascular Intervention, every 60 Seconds there are people suffering from a stroke. The heart attack can be easily detected as there are nearly half a dozen basic symptoms known to people. The people have no idea about the symptoms related to the brain. Just like the pain in the left shoulder, chest pain, pain in the upper abdomen, and breathlessness observed in case of heart strokes.

People need to follow the simple concept of BE FAST, which means balance, eyes, facial, arms, speech, and time. The loss of a function of a part of the body suddenly in the body is termed as a stroke. The treatment is started immediately after the CT scan or an MRI. The neurological fraternity is working on adding more of a massive program to spread the word regarding brain healthiness. According to researchers at NYU School of Medicine, creating a unique type of brain pattern that lasts longer could improve short-term memory in rats. The temporary activation can help work in enhancing memory.

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