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E.coli Contamination Found In Pillsbury Best Bread Flour

Currently, the flour manufacturers are in hot soup after the news of E.coli contamination spread like fire. Buffalo has its third brand of flour, which is a New York-based ADM Milling Co. forced to recall its products due to the current ongoing E.coli contamination epidemic. The sudden E.coli outbreak has all the food agencies sitting at the edge of their seats. The Pillsbury Best 5-pound Bread Flour that is sold by Hometown Food Co. was ordered by the FDA to be pulled out from the market. The potential threat of E. coli has the US Food and Drug Administration examining each and every batch of medication or food products tested before being let out into the market.

Hometown had to recall around 4,620 cases of the flour that were sold to a few of the retailers and distributors across 10 states including  Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, New Hampshire, Virginia, New Jersey, Ohio, and New York. The contaminated flour bags have been found to have the UPC code 051500200315 recorded along with expiry date of June 8, 2020, or June 9, 2020. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned the people and all the suppliers from using the recalled flour. There have been 3 cases of people being hospitalized already reported. According to Hometown Food Co., till date, no illnesses have been recorded with Pillsbury Best Bread Flour use. The 2 lots of Pillsbury Best 5 lb. Bread Flour and some of the other flour products have been found to be contaminated with E. coli.

According to CDC, E. coli infections generally set in within 3 – 4 Days after the consumption of the bacteria. The symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps, diarrhea set in after 5 – 7 Days. There are chances that the patient may develop the hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is a type of kidney failure. Last week on a global scale, King Arthur Flour had recalled a specific amount of its 5-pound Unbleached All-Purpose Flour bags. Similarly, by the end of May, Aldi had pulled out its Baker’s Corner All-Purpose Flour from the market after FDA found it being contaminated with E.coli. The food agency has warned people for washing their hands after touching the flour and consulting a physician after its consumption. The Pillsbury flour can be returned to Hometown Food. Co. or retailers and in turn take replacement coupons.

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