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New Drug Assists Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer Survive Longer

A new drug assists men suffering from one of the lethal types of cancer (advanced prostate cancer) live longer, as said by a Huntsman Cancer Institute doctor. Below 30% of men will live on after 5 Years when cancer extends to other body parts, as per the Prof of Medicine, Physician, and Investigator at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Dr. Neeraj Agarwal. However, a new medication called apalutamide can transform that.

The TITAN study—which started in 2015—examined the effectiveness and safety of the drug. A protein that stimulates cancer cells in men with advanced prostate cancer is targeted by the drug, said Agarwal. In the apalutamide-treated group, the scientist observed a 33% decrease in risk of death and a 52% decrease in the risk of disease production. Also, according to Agarwal, side-effects caused by the medication were well tolerated. Further, the medication also impedes the progression of the disease and the need for chemotherapy.

A few months ago, the medication was permitted for a “diminutive patient population” of those in prostate cancer’s later stages. However, the results of the TITAN trial can make the medication accessible to hundreds of thousands of more patients across the world. Apalutamide is awaiting authorization from the US FDA for treating the newly analyzed advanced prostate cancer. The team anticipates that to occur before the year-end.

On a similar note, researchers from the Wilmot Cancer Institute deem they have discovered why an ordinarily utilized medication to treat late-stage prostate cancer mostly doesn’t work after 4 or 5 Months and seems to have a dual function that afterward transforms cancer into an unrelenting aggressor. By depicting how the medication, enzalutamide, involuntarily causes the destructive change, Chawnshang Chang, the corresponding author, and team deems they have also discerned a means to obstruct it from taking place, at least in mice.

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